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Research Integrity


The University of Cambridge is a subscriber to the UK Research Integrity Office (UKRIO). UKRIO is an independent charity, offering support to the public, researchers and organisation to further good practice in academic, scientific and medical research. UKRIO offer a range of guidance and services that may be of use to University staff and students.

UKRIO Advice Service

UKRIO provides an independent, expert and confidential advice service that is open all for questions and advice relating to the conduct of academic, scientific and medical research, from issues of good practice in research to concerns about research misconduct. UKRIO welcomes enquiries on general or hypothetical topics, as well as those on specific research projects, issues and cases.

Anyone wishing to seek advice from the UKRIO can do so through their online advice form, which also provides detailed guidelines on seeking advice:  

UKRIO guidance documents

UKRIO also produce guidance documents for organisations and researchers. Currently these include: