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Research Integrity


Research Ethics

Initial queries from students or researchers regarding research ethics should be directed to your department or faculty and/or its ethics committee.

Central sources of advice include:

Research Governance team, Research Strategy Office: 

Dr Rhys Morgan, Research Governance and Integrity Officer:

Clinical School Governance Team:

For details on animal research ethics see the University's animal research website and the University Biomedical Support Services page.

Research Integrity

Anyone with comments or questions regarding research integrity at the University of Cambridge can contact the the University's Research Governance and Integrity Officer, Dr Rhys Morgan, and/or the Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research, Professor Chris Abell, using the following email address

Concerns regarding research integrity at Cambridge can be made raised confidentially with Dr Rhys Morgan, Research Governance and Integrity Officer ( or or, where applicable, through the University's Whistleblowing Policy.