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We are looking for several more volunteers (including early-career researchers) who work in arts, humanities, sciences, technology or medicine with an interest in, and strong commitment to, the principles of good research practice and research integrity to provide informal guidance to staff and students about research practice.

To become a Panel member, please contact Sinead Healy, Research Governance Facilitator, at to express interest or ask questions. Please see below for further information.

What is the Research Integrity Advisory Panel?

The Research Integrity Advisory Panel is being developed as a means to offer informal and discipline-specific advice and support for University of Cambridge researchers and students with questions or concerns regarding research integrity issues, including good research practice. Issues may include best practice and responsible conduct in research, research ethics concerns and questions regarding research misconduct and questionable research practices. The Panel will be launched in Michaelmas Term 2020.

Who can become a Panel Member? 

Any staff member of the University of Cambridge with an interest in research integrity can express interest in becoming at a Panel member. We welcome interest from those working in all subject areas in all disciplines and particularly early career postdoctoral researchers.  

Panel Members will be current University of Cambridge researchers (and some specialist administrative staff) who agree to be available to provide advice based on their own research experience, familiarity with the accepted practices in their discipline, and knowledge of the University’s policies and procedures (training will be provided).

What would be required?

A Panel member will provide informal guidance to a staff member or student who approaches the Panel with a research integrity concern. Typically, a Panel Member might discuss the matter, signpost the relevant policies and procedures of the university or discipline‐specific guidance, explain the options for next steps and suggest other sources of support as relevant. All those involved in the Panel commit to handling queries carefully, discreetly and without judgement or stigma. Panel Members will be supported in these responsibilities by the central research governance and integrity team.

What is the time commitment?

A Panel Member will not normally be expected to contribute more than 1‐2 days of their time a year to handle queries (in addition to a half‐day for training every year). The research governance and integrity team will monitor the Panel workload of individual Panel Members to ensure no individual is overburdened

Members will normally be appointed in Michaelmas term for two years, but they may choose to serve for a longer term of up to ten years. Early career researchers may elect to serve only one year if a two-year commitment is not feasible with the length of their research contact (but are welcome to consider reappointment for a second year).

What are the benefits of becoming a Panel Member? 

There are multiple benefits of joining the Research Integrity Advisory Panel at the University of Cambridge. For instance, you will have the opportunity to: 

  • Grow your networks
    • You will get to know Panel members from other Cambridge departments and institute
  • Increase your impact
    • You will develop expertise on research integrity and good research in your discipline 
    • You will be making a broader contribution to research at the University of Cambridge through supporting other research with queries relating to research integrity
    • You will provide support to researchers seeking guidance.
  • Learn new skills
    • Learn more about research integrity and sources of support available for researchers through sharing best practice with other Panel Members and attending annual half-day training;
    • Learn how to communicate effectively about research integrity matters  
    • Develop advisory and problem-solving skills
  • Support research integrity at Cambridge
  • Enhance your CV. 

Will any support be provided? 

You will have access to a wide range of support. This includes initial training provided in conjunction with the UK Research Integrity Office on joining and then the community of Panel Members who can help one another with queries.

The research governance and integrity team, based in the Cambridge Research Office, provide administrative support for the Research Integrity Advisory Panel, offer expertise on University policies and procedures, and help direct queries from staff/students to the relevant Panel Member for consideration

How do I join the Panel?

To become a Panel member, please contact Sinead Healy at to express interest